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    The Pakistan’s government is looking for highly talented and motivated professionals from a variety of educational backgrounds in order to meet today’s society needs. Today, there is an official website where you can access to over 30,000 government jobs as well as virtual application forms. Whether you are a veteran, recent graduate, senior executive or an individual with disabilities, we can guide you through the job search process and how to apply.

    How to apply for government Jobs in Pakistan

    If you are interested in work for a government agency, it is strongly recommended to tailor each resume to the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities described in the government job advertisement. Furthermore, a cover letter is highly preferable. The Pakistan government allows citizens to apply for Provincial or Federal government jobs; moreover, it provides them with employment fact sheets.

    First of all, write a professional resume, you can use the resume builder included on the website. Since there is an intense competition over federal jobs, we recommend you to take your time writing and editing a successful CV. The KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) set is the key if you consider applying for a government job. Therefore, you must know how to organize your abilities, skills and knowledge statements. The point is to stand out in a world of resumes and get the job interview.

    At the job website, you can create an account, enter your information (educational background, work experience, contact references) and upload your CV to the application system. Ask a professional resume writer to proofread your document before including this data to your final job application. Some errors will spoil your resume and decrease your opportunities of getting a job interview.

    We offer a large number of federal jobs

    In this site, we offer a large number of Jobs in Pakistan. Browse through our database of job positions classified by state and city. You can apply for more than one position; however, it is better to focus on specific posts rather than on those that doesn’t match your professional profile. Prepare a unique cover letter every time you apply for a gov. job, and avoid missing deadlines for job applications (Refer. 1).

    Due to the fact that most of federal agencies use screening software to select potential job applicants, you must customize your resume to make it more attractive to recruiters. Applying for government jobs isn’t an easy job; on the contrary, it requires time, dedication and talent. Therefore, put into practice these tips and good luck.